Interviews with Chris Walter and Tom May (The Menzingers)

Hello Hell Hello!

2 interviews in this episode! The first one was done over the phone with Chris Walter, the author of SNFU biography “What No One Else Wanted To Say”. That’s a brilliant book which tells in-depth story of one of the best Canadian punk bands ever. The book launch party is on Saturday @ Funky Winkerbeans, with SNFU performing live!

Second interview was with Tom May, co-vocalist/guitarist of The Menzingers. The band is on tour with The Bouncing Souls and both bands are playing in Vancouver on Monday, July 23rd @ Venue.

Wish me luck! I’m going to 6 shows in 6 days! Not sure if I survive that, but I’ll try my best:

July 19, Strung Out @ The Biltmore
July 20, The Spits, NEEDLES//PINS, B-Lines @ Biltmore Cabaret
July 21, SNFU and Chris Walter Book Launch @ Funky Winkerbeans 
July 22, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Dopamines, Elway, The Isotopes @ Venue
July 23, The Bouncing Souls, The Menzingers, Luther @ Venue
July 24, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club @ The Biltmore Cabaret 


SNFU - Don’t Have The Cow [FYULABA]
SNFU - Cockatoo Quill [In the Meantime and in Between Time]
SNFU - Drunk On A Bike [The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed]
SNFU - Better Than Eddie Vedder [FYULABA]
SNFU - Misfortune [ …And No One Else Wanted To Play]
Interview with Chris Walter
SNFU - Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump [In the Meantime and in Between Time]
THE MENZINGERS - Good Things [On The Impossible Past]
Interview with Tom May (The Menzingers)
THE MENZINGERS - Freedom Bridge [On The Impossible Past]
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Headbanger [Freak Out!]
THE DOPAMINES - Business Papers [The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore]
THE BOUNCING SOULS - True Believers [How I Spent My Summer Vacation]

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